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Comfort is so Important to the Church Ex…

LAKE MARY, FL— The altars in our churches have become the steps by which man...

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LAKE MARY, FL—After sharing her artwork and journaling tips via YouTube videos, social media, and...

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From Loss and Abuse to Music Success, Ch…

LAKE MARY, FL—A few minutes before going onstage, singer and songwriter Christine D’Clario had a...

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When Indoor Air Pollution Endangers Live…

LAKE MARY, FL—Take a deep breath and ask yourself: “What exactly am I inhaling?” It...

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Top Sellers

1 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
2 The Mystery of the Shemitah
– Jonathan Cahn
3 The Harbinger
– Jonathan Cahn
4 23 Minutes in Hell
– Bill Wiese
5 Prayers that Rout Demons and Break Curses
– Apostle John Eckhardt

New Releases

09/06/2016 The Book of Mysteries
– Jonathan Cahn
07/18/2017 Love Leads
– Dr. Steve Greene
07/04/2017 The Prophet’s Manual
– John Eckhardt
07/04/2017 No Regrets
– Robin Bertram
06/06/2017 Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
– Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley
06/06/2017 40 Days Through the Prayers of Jesus
– Tim Cameron
05/02/2017 23 Minutes in Hell
– Bill Wiese
05/02/2017 I Am
– Matt Fry
05/02/2017 Hope in the Last Days
– Dave Williams
05/02/2017 Hidden Bible Health Secrets
– Reginald Cherry M.D.

Modern English Version

Verse of the Day

Moment of Truth

Available as: Hardcover, Ebook
ISBN: 9781599793382
Released: 03/24/08
List Price: $21.99
Page Count: 256

With the Christian vote more widely polarized than ever, Marc Nuttle offers a must-read book for conservative America. In Moment of Truth Nuttle exposes the escalating trends in our government toward regulation and overspending while taking a critical look at the increasing power of Trade Unions, and the corroding effects of the United Nations. He speaks especially to the 28 million small business owners in the country-80 percent of whom are Republican and 65 percent of whom are evangelical- arguing that these policies will be devastating to them while putting America's economic future in jeopardy. Ultimately, Nuttle demonstrates the conclusive dangers of big government when controlled by those who would lead this nation toward an irretrievable tipping point.

Personal Faith, Public Policy

Available as: Hardcover, Ebook
ISBN: 9781599792613
Released: 02/22/08
List Price: $21.99
Page Count: 256

Harry Jackson and Tony Perkins believe that America stands at a crossroads. As a nation we must choose God's blessings or His destruction of our society. The "Religious Right," as it has been termed, often looks to the world as its enemy, and many Christians have seen themselves as combatants in war against anti-God forces. In Personal Faith, Public Policy, Jackson and Perkins take a radical new position, stating that the Christian church must lead morally and impact the culture with personal spiritual power and unified Christian public policy, demonstrating how a unified church can tackle each one of the seven major problems of our culture. Achieving victories in each of the seven areas presented will result in vanquishing the big problem facing our country-moral decay. Show Less

Conspiracies and the Cross

Available as: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781599792057
Released: 02/13/08
List Price: $21.99
Page Count: 272

Join Jones on a faith-strengthening journey through the remnants of long-faded civilizations as he examines historical evidence of the life of Jesus. Outlining 10 major conspiracy theories about the deity of Christ, he reveals the fallacies in each and examines the various media outlets---books, movies, documentaries---where these schemes have recently surfaced. 224 pages, hardcover from Frontline.

Make Your Vote Count

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781599792927
Released: 12/10/07
List Price: $9.99
Page Count: 96

This election season promises to be among the most contentious ever. In addition to a presidential campaign featuring no incumbents, this election will turn on a handful of pivotal issues presently confronting American voters, the consequences of which likely will influence the direction of our nation for decades to come.
Each of the major issues that is likely to form the basis of the national debate in this election season is explained here in a style that is easy to access and understand. This anthology of present-day issues will fortify you with the biblical perspective on which to base your decisions. With the Bible as the ultimate source of answers, you can be sure that your decisions will be grounded in faithful stewardship and godly obedience.
This book is not about being a Republican or Democrat; it’s not about endorsing candidates or telling you how to cast your vote. It simply provides a biblical foundation upon which to make voting decisions that will both honor God and best serve our country in 2008 and beyond.

In Defense of Israel, Revised

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9781599792101
Released: 09/07/07
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 256

Why is the Middle East in such turmoil?
Is the modern State of Israel in the plan of God?
Can and should Christians do more than pray for Israel?
Does God’s Word contain instructions to Christians regarding the treatment of Jewish people?

In the near-thirty years John Hagee has been a lover of Israel, he has grappled with each of these questions. Most Christians today don’t know much about the Jewish faith or the history of the Jewish nation. They don’t understand what is truly at stake in the Middle East conflict and why Christians need to do more than just pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They don’t know the role they’ve been called to play in relationship with Israel, and they aren’t sure how God feels about Israel today, either.

As Hagee guides readers through the scriptures that explain why Christians need to stand with Israel and the Jews today with as much fervor as God does, they will encounter a man deeply passionate about loving this historic people of God. They’ll be inspired to take up that same mantle of love and play a part in extending acceptance and favor to the people of Israel, just as God has called them to do.

Culture Clash

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781599792125
Released: 08/31/07
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 224

 Why don’t the Muslim people throw out their dictators and demand human rights? Why is America feared and mistrusted in the Muslim world even when she tries to help? Why can’t the Muslim world accept some responsibility for its problems? Every day the news confirms the conflict between the Muslim world and the American way of life.

Dr. Mark Gabriel, former lecturer at Al-Azhar University, sheds light on this conflict, explaining the mysterious attitudes of the Muslim world and why they resist principles such as equality for women, freedom of speech, and other ideals that Americans see as secular, nonreligious, and good for all people. He explains at psychological and religious levels what causes suspicion, animosity, and aggression toward America and answers the question: What can America do right in the Muslim world today?

The Final Move Beyond Iraq

Available as: Trade Paper, Ebook
ISBN: 9781599791883
Released: 04/26/07
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 360

In The Final Move Beyond Iraq, Mike Evans addresses the greatest threat America has faced since the Civil War: the Islamic revolution, or Islamofascism. While the United States debates the best way to solve the situation in Iraq, the terrorists are claiming victory and planning to take their show to American soil once again.
Drawing from extensive interviews with prime ministers, CIA directors, and other insiders, Evans looks at the history and ideology behind the Islamic revolution to explore its very real threat to U.S. interests —why radical Islamic terrorists will only step back when they fear us, why victory in Iraq is important to U.S. security, why the United States and Israel cannot sit idly by and let Iran achieve its desire for nuclear weapons, and why stabilization in Iraq now would sound defeat rather than victory.
The Final Move Beyond Iraq is a wake-up call to mobilize millions to action. America is fighting for its life in the first war of the twenty-first century.

Coming Fall Of Islam In Iran

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591859888
Released: 09/07/06
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 222


 Much more is happening behind the scenes in the Middle East than the media has revealed, leaving America unprepared and unprotected. In this book, Reza Safa, a former Shiite Muslim and a recognized authority on Islamic issues, highlights the past and current Islamic issues in a way that will make readers sit up and take notice. Safa chronicles what God is doing in the Islamic world, including Iran, where thousands of former faithful Muslims are converting to Christianity. The Coming Fall of Islam in Iran portrays a hope of a great future in the Middle East. This book will show readers how Iran is the first Muslim nation where a mass nationwide exodus is taking place among the Muslims, even as Islamic radicalism grows rapidly.








Silent No More

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591859574
Released: 05/02/06
List Price: $9.99
Page Count: 224

It has been said that Rod Parsley’s Silent No More campaign and tour helped swing the vote for George W. Bush in the state of Ohio during the last election. Parsley had something important to say then, and he has more to say now. With an updated introduction and summary of major breakthroughs during the last year, he challenges Christians to help reclaim America’s spiritual heritage and to remake the nation into the just, compassionate, noble society that she was designed to be. Parsley will challenge you from a biblical and spiritual perspective to analyze the issues plaguing the nation.

Faith Of The American Soldier

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591859901
Released: 04/19/06
List Price: $12.99
Page Count: 198

What goes through the mind of an American warrior spiritually and religiously when facing the enemy? Treading on a subject where few books have gone, The Faith of the American Soldier examines the religious and spiritual issues in America’s wars, and then considers what is lost to our military through a secular approach to battle.
Stephen Mansfield, author of The Faith of George W. Bush, a New York Times best seller, records the faith reflections and testimonies of men and women who have fought on the front lines from Lexington to Iraq.
Do men and women in battle revert to the faith of their youth, or do they gravitate to the spirituality around them? Do they lose all faith in the face of horror, or do they piece together an informal spirituality that simply gets them through the fight? Mansfield explores these questions through the lens of his deep respect for the military.

Reviving The American Spirit

Available as: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781591859635
Released: 01/09/06
List Price: $19.99
Page Count: 207

A Commonsense Approach to Revive America

It is not too late to bring political, moral, social, and economical revival to the United States. That’s the loud and clear message of Keith Butler in Reviving the American Spirit. In his book, the successful African American pastor from Michigan, a staunch Republican running for the U.S. Senate in 2006, spells out his platform of traditional values and conservative views on a variety of issues, including immigration, taxation, education, legal reform, energy resources, and global threats. You will be challenged and stirred as Butler makes a thought provoking argument concerning several controversial subjects. For example, he says that if African Americans knew history, they would all be Republicans. Additionally, he argues against abortion by providing its economic consequences.

"Common sense is the underlying theme [of this book]," Butler writes. "It could almost be the title. I take a commonsense approach to my own life, and that carries over into my public life. Reviving the American Spirit is a commonsense-guided tour of the big issues that confront us today in the United States of America."

Jerusalem Countdown

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591858935
Released: 12/23/05
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 225

"WE ARE ON A COUNTDOWN TO CRISIS. The coming nuclear showdown with Iran is a certainty. The battle for Jersalem has already begun. That war will affect every nation on Earth, including America, and will affect every person on Planet Earth."

- John Hagee

The nuclear storm clouds are gathering over Iran and Israel and casting a long shadow on America and several other countries!


  • What is the Pentagon's contingency plan for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries?
  • Where will the United States use the bunker-busting mini-nukes, and how will they reduce the collateral damage?
  • To what extent are Russians, French, and Germans helping Iran achieve its dream of a nuclear holocaust?
  • How will an attack on Jerusalem affect America?

Jerusalem Countdown by best-selling author John Hagee anticipates Israel's strategies toward any Iranian threat and the resulting effect upon America. Can anyone actually believe that the Islamic fanatics presently in charge of the Iranian government would not use these weapons on America?

Hagee skillfully unveils the reasons Islam and Israel cannot dwell peaceably together as he paints a convincing picture explaining why Christians must support the Holy Land.

"Those nations who align with God's purposes will receive His blessing. Those who follow a policy of opposition to God's purposes will receive the swift and severe judgment of God without limitation."

-John Hagee

Journey Inside The Mind Of an Islamic Terrorist

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9781591857136
Released: 12/13/05
List Price: $14.99
Page Count: 224

How can you know what a terrorist thinks?

The Western media are so busy analyzing who, what, where, when and how that they never answer the question of why. This book is about the why behind Islamic terrorism.

Terrorists have written many books and pamphlets explaining their position, but most westerners are unable to understand them. Dr. Mark Gabriel makes a major breakthrough by identifying the five pillars of radical philosophy- the bedrock beliefs that cut through all radical writings. Dr. Gabriel uses the writings of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and others to show how terrorists justify their actions through the Quran, the life of Muhammad and Islamic history. Finally, Dr. Gabriel describes how earlier terrorist groups were stopped and shows how the world can work together to stop the terrorists of today.

Ignorance is no ally in the struggle against Islamic terrorism.

Go beyond what is happening and find out why it is happening. The struggle against terrorism may seem to be at a stalemate, but there is hope for the future.

Faith Of The American Soldier

Available as: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781591856627
Released: 04/19/05
List Price: $19.99
Page Count: 198

What goes through the mind of an American warrior spiritually and religiously when facing the enemy?

Touching on a subject that few books have treated, The Faith of the American Soldier examines the religious and spiritual issues in America's wars, and then considers what is lost to our military through a secular approach to battle. Stephen Mansfield, author of The Faith of George W. Bush, a New York Times bestseller, records the refelctionsand testimonies of men and women who have fought on the front lines from Lexington to Iraq.

 "This book is the product of a search for the meaning of the American warrior code and the faith that gave it birth," Mansfield writes. " A nation's warrior code is an extension of its soul, the embodiment of its highest ideals."

Silent No More

Available as: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781591856597
Released: 02/17/05
List Price: $19.99
Page Count: 200


Cutting through the clutter of conflicting extremes, Rod Parsley has a perspective that enables him to see clearly and speak forthrightly to the issues of our time. Parsley believes a consensus of common sense can be crafted even in the midst of inflamed and polarized passions.


" America's future depends on moral champions like Rod Parsley."
-The Honorable Walter Jones, U.S. Congressman, North Carolina

This book should inspire men and women of faith...and make 'values voters' a force that politicians can no longer ignore." -The Honorable Kenneth Blackwell, Secretary of State, Ohio

"Silent No More does not merely lay out the scope of the challenge, but also offers the information and action steps essential to the solution."
 -The Honorable Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council

"Rod Parsley is the real deal-a bold, dynamic man of faith who's committed to doing the right thing no matter what. This a proven, winning game plan."
 -Ted Haggard, Sr. Pastor, New Life Church, Colorado President, National Association of Evanelicals

Inside Islam

Available as: Trade Paper
ISBN: 9780884194163
Released: 08/27/96
List Price: $11.99
Page Count: 208

A former radical Shiite Muslim unashamedly speaks out and exposes radical fundamental beliefs in his book "Inside Islam." Reza Safa, openly talks about the spirit of Islam from an insider’s point of view. Safa is well-versed in the laws and history of Islam. Radical Muslims claim to believe that the Bible is untrue, eternal life is only attained by sacrifice in a holy war and that Christians are naïve and weak in their beliefs. He explains that they seem to have a lust for martyrdom and their lives are lived in fear of their god, Allah. "Fear is the darkroom in which Satan develops his negatives," says Rafa as he tells how Islam contradicts the facts and truths of the Bible. "Inside Islam" is a magnifying glass that lets you see deep into Muslim culture and society.

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