A Message to Joe Biden: ‘Mr. President, the Voice of God Calls Out to You to Follow Him—or Face Eternal Judgment’

Jonathan Cahn, Bestselling Author of “The Harbinger II: The Return,” Delivers a Key Message of Christian Faith to the 46th President

NEW YORK — Jonathan Cahn is known the world over for his latest bestselling narrative, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” as well as for his earlier books of powerful biblical prophecy—all of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller lists and appeared simultaneously on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Bestsellers list, in addition to many other prominent bestseller lists. Millions of fans have embraced the messages of his books.

As the nation grapples not just with a crushing pandemic but with economic distress and vast political upheaval, Cahn—concerned for our union—delivered a message just last week in a video with over 1.4 million views to newly inaugurated President Joe Biden. 

“We stand in a most critical moment,” says Cahn. “Mr. President, you have called for unity and peace. But how can a nation have unity and peace when it has turned against the God who brought it into existence?”

Cahn continues: “A nation that once led its schoolchildren in prayer, and taught them of God’s Word, now declares such prayers and teachings to be forbidden. It now instructs its children against the ways of God. How can we have unity and peace in America if we have no unity and peace with God?”

Cahn adds a direct plea to Biden, a practicing Catholic who—after taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2021—has begun signing a series of highly controversial executive orders:

“Mr. President, how can you place your left hand on the Bible, the Word of God—and then with your right hand, sign laws into existence that war against His Word? How can you invoke the name of God and your oath and lay your hand upon His Word—and then implement laws that will suppress the going forth of His Word, laws that will censor His Word and all those who advance it?

“Do you plan to enact laws, Mr. President, that will disregard the distinction between male and female, men and women? Did not the warning of our first president, George Washington, involve that very thing if we disregard the eternal Rules of Order that heaven itself has ordained?

“You plan to enact laws that will specifically neutralize the protection of religious freedom. You plan to strike down the Hyde Amendment so that more children will be murdered—and so that Americans who recognize abortion as murder will be forced to support the act of murder through their taxes.

“And you plan to empower the act of killing unborn children not only within the borders of America, but throughout the world, so that yet more rivers of blood will flow. Mr. President, how does one do such things and name oneself as a believer in God and a follower of Jesus? How does one make the sign of the cross—and then sign decrees that rage against what God has so clearly set forth, in His Word, concerning life and death, holiness, sin, righteousness and immorality, good and evil?”

To save our country, Cahn urges the 46th president to immediately lead a “return to God”:  

“To you, Mr. President, and all who have joined you in this agenda, all who sit in the halls of power: This day will pass. The applause of men and women will fade. This administration will be over one day. This world will pass away—but you will stand before God and give account, for it is written in His Word that we will each stand before God and give account. And on that day, all the power you once wielded will be gone—and all the fame and glory you received will amount to nothing.

“It will be you and Him. You will be required to give account. Did you follow the will and Word of God, or not? If you pursue these things, then you did not. And the blood of children will be on your hands. And then we’ll call that eternal life—or eternal judgment. The voice of God calls out to you and to all to turn and follow Him with all your heart, He who gave His heart and life, that you might be saved.

“America has turned away from God. Its only hope is to return to God. Mr. President, choose greatness and lead in that return—or continue in this departure from God to destruction and judgment.”

With the release of “The Harbinger II: The Return in September 2020, millions of new fans have embraced Jonathan Cahn’s powerful prophecies. His latest book, available for purchase online and everywhere, debuted at #4 on the New York Times bestsellers list, made the Amazon Bestsellers Top Ten lists of all books in the world and took three of the top ten spots on Amazon’s Christian Books for print, Kindle, and audio—each charting as a Top Ten Bestseller, including #1 Christian Prophecy and #1 Christian Prophecies. “The Harbinger II” also catapulted Cahn’s earlier books back onto bestseller lists, including “The Oracle,” “The Paradigm,” and “The Harbinger.”

The author has made multiple media appearances, including in the New York Times, on CBN’s “700 Club,” TBN’s “Praise,” and “Family Talk” with Dr. James Dobson, among many others.

Jonathan Cahn’s first book, “The Harbinger,” became an instant New York Times bestseller when it was published in 2012. His next five books were also New York Times bestsellers: “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” “The Book of Mysteries,” “The Paradigm,” and “The Oracle,” as well as “The Harbinger II: The Return.” Along with Billy Graham and Keith Greene, Cahn was named one of the top 40 spiritual leaders of the past 40 years who has radically impacted the world.

Cahn has spoken on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations. He leads Hope of the World ministry, an international outreach of teaching, evangelism, and compassion projects. He also leads the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center made up of Jews and Gentiles, and people of all backgrounds, in Wayne, New Jersey. His ministry can be contacted at HopeoftheWorld.org and on Jonathan Cahn Facebook.

For more information about “The Harbinger II,” visit TheHarbingerReturns.com“The Harbinger II: The Return” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House.


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Best-Selling Author, Don Colbert, MD, Addresses the Importance of Fiber in “Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone”

‘Fiber Is the Gut’s Significant Power Tool’

DALLAS — In his newest book release, Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone” (DrColbertBooks), Dr. Colbert states that if adults would work to restore their gut health and eat the same gut-friendly foods, it is likely every single person would see improvement. Most symptoms would probably disappear and any sicknesses and diseases along with them.

“That is how powerful the gut is,” Dr. Colbert says. “Once it is restored, it can put the rest of your body back together again. Of the five power tools I recommend for improving your gut health—fiber, probiotics, prebiotics, polyphenols, and resistant starches—fiber is one of the most important and adding more of it into your diet is a good place to start in healing your gut.”

As a physician who has helped an untold number of patients make the journey from disease to health, best-selling author Don Colbert, MD, explains in his new book, Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone,” without hesitation that fantastic health benefits are realized when the gut heals itself.

Dr. Colbert helps readers “unlearn” everything medical experts have been teaching about healthy eating for the last three decades and reveals the true path to digestive health through proper diet supported by nutritional supplements. Dr. Colbert’s book, which was released on January 5, 2021, is available through AmazonBarnes and NobleBAMChristianBookIndiebound and Walmart.

Dr. Colbert writes, “A significant gut power tool is plain old fiber—not beans, wheat bran, or grain-based fibers that are full of lectins—but psyllium husk powder. It plays an amazingly vital role in restoring your gut health. It is also very inexpensive, which makes it available to everyone.”

Technically, fiber comes in two different forms: soluble and insoluble. Dr. Colbert explains that the body needs both. “Soluble fiber dissolves in your GI tract, absorbs water, and helps with digestion. As you see below, most of these fibers are typically not gut friendly. Sources of soluble fiber include these: apples, barley, beans, carrots, citrus fruits, oats, peas, and psyllium.

“Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in your GI tract. It passes through, helps keep you regular, and pushes food through the GI tract. Sources of insoluble fiber include the following: beans, cauliflower, green beans, nuts, potatoes, wheat bran, and whole-wheat flour.”

Dr. Colbert continues, “Eating fruit to get fiber means eating fruit sugars, and any sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. At first, I would not recommend fiber from fruit, except for berries (one-quarter to one-half cup a day), which are low in sugar and high in polyphenols. Carrots and apples also have sugar, though they contain much less than citrus fruits do.”

In “Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone,” Dr. Colbert explains that eating beans, peas, barley, whole wheat, wheat bran, and potatoes to get fiber means eating lectins, gluten, and starch. “That is not good for your gut wall,” he writes. “Pressure-cooking beans and peas properly to remove lectins, after one or two months of avoidance, is a good plan, but I would stay completely away from gluten. I encourage you to get your fiber from other sources, such as veggies, berries, and perhaps psyllium husk powder, if you do not experience gas or bloating.”

Readers may wonder then how to get enough fiber in their diet. Dr. Colbert recommends psyllium husk powder. “Psyllium is mainly a soluble fiber with some insoluble fiber from the seed husks of the plant Plantago ovata. Many laxative or fiber mixes claim to provide your body with the fiber it needs. Though that might be true, it is the other ingredients (especially sugars and artificial sweeteners) that concern me.”

For more insoluble fiber intake, Dr. Colbert suggests nuts or nut butters, artichoke, cauliflower, broccoli, and other cruciferous veggies. For the veggies, it is the stems that have the most insoluble fiber, so be sure to eat those as well.

“Fiber is often called ‘roughage’ or ‘bulk,’ but it is far more than that,” Dr. Colbert explains. “Your body desperately needs sufficient fiber every day, but most people are getting less than half the fiber they need.”

Some individuals notice that their cholesterol levels decrease 10–20 percent after a few months of psyllium fiber. Lower blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels are also common with Dr. Colbert’s patients, which makes sense because soluble fiber supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also helps control appetite, which helps lower weight, thus lowering blood pressure.

“Psyllium husk powder is usually soothing to the gut and brings with it many intrinsic healing properties, regardless of your symptoms or disease,” Dr. Colbert states. “Be sure to start low and go slow if you aren’t accustomed to using it. Your gut needs the many benefits of fiber, but if it takes you a while to get there, that is fine. Just be sure to incorporate this important power tool into your diet right away!”

Don Colbert, MD, was a board-certified family practice doctor for more than twenty-five years in Orlando, Florida, and most recently in Dallas, Texas. He is also board certified in antiaging medicine through the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine and has received extensive training in nutritional and preventative medicine. He is the author of three New York Times best-selling books, including “Let Food Be Your Medicine,” “The Seven Pillars of Health” and “Dr. Colbert’s ‘I Can Do This’ Diet” along with best sellers “Toxic Relief,” the Bible Cure series, “Living in Divine Health,” and “Stress Less.” He has sold more than ten million books and treated more than fifty thousand patients in his years of practicing medicine.

Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone” is published by Siloam, an imprint of Charisma House.


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