Best-Selling Author, Don Colbert, MD: How a Leaky Gut Affects Your Life; How It Can Be Healed

DALLAS — “What exactly is a leaky gut?” That question, and many others are answered in best-selling author Don Colbert, MD’s new book, “Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone” (DrColbertBooks). Dr. Colbert helps readers “unlearn” everything medical experts have been teaching about healthy eating for the last three decades and reveals the true path to digestive health through proper diet supported by nutritional supplements. Dr. Colbert’s book, which will be released on Jan. 5, 2021, is available to pre-order through AmazonBarnes and NobleBAMChristianBookIndiebound and Walmart.

According to Dr. Colbert, most diseases can be associated with gut health. “Almost every disease—from depression to anxiety, obesity, autoimmune disease, and heart disease—and the related symptoms that go with these ailments are associated with the health of your gut,” writes Dr. Colbert. “Yes, the symptoms are real, but they are a sign that something is wrong in the gut. The underlying problem is usually this: you have a leaky gut, which is an increase in intestinal permeability. This is the foundational cause of countless sicknesses, diseases (including autoimmune diseases), ailments, inflammation, pains, weight gain, and discomfort.”

Dr. Colbert explains that a leaky gut can also be called gut permeability, or increased intestinal permeability. Regardless, these gut issues have to do with problems that occur between the cells. Inflammation is the inevitable result of these many small leaks. And unfortunately for your body, inflammation is the root cause of most chronic diseases.

“Part of the challenge in the gut is that the purpose of the gut wall is to let nutrients, vitamins, simple sugars, and enzymes pass through and into the body,” explained Dr. Colbert. “That’s how the body is made to work. If it were an impermeable pipe, you would starve to death even while having a full stomach.”

“Another challenge is that the lining is only one cell thick and has a surface area that can reach 430 square feet. This entire area is simultaneously under attack by the food we eat, the medications we take, and the lifestyle we choose. The result is that the tight junctions between the cells of the gut wall are pried open just enough to let the wrong things through. Imagine taking your coffee filter and poking holes in it with a fork. Naturally, your next cup of coffee would be full of coffee grounds.

“What’s happening to your gut wall is similar. When many holes appear, inflammation begins, food sensitivities occur, health problems arise, and more holes appear, etc. Things get exponentially worse over time.”

Dr. Colbert ensures his readers that a leaky gut can be healed. He has had many patients who displayed various symptoms, and every symptom was what he describes as a “telltale sign of a leaky gut.” When he healed their leaky guts, they usually found the relief, fix, or cure they needed.

According to Dr. Colbert, there are two basic steps to fixing a leaky gut:

  • Step 1: Get rid of the bad. Remove offending foods, bad or excessive bacteria and yeast, parasites, medications, toxins, and more. Learn to cope with stress.
  • Step 2: Eat more of the good. Recharge the gut with good bacteria in the form of probiotics and sometimes prebiotics, and regularly eat foods that support the gut.

“When you remove the things that trigger a leaky gut and then recharge the gut with healthy foods, you will be amazed how your gut can heal,” says Dr. Colbert. “I have seen some pretty severe health situations start to turn around in as little as two weeks. More often, it takes four to six weeks for an undeniable change to take place, and within three months, the symptoms are usually gone or greatly reduced.

“Big holes in the gut from ulcers are well researched, painful, and potentially deadly, but it wasn’t until recently that we discovered how many smaller holes a gut can have. Much of the inflammation and discomfort, sickness and disease, people live with now makes sense. We know why it’s happening, and we know how to fix it. And when we fix a leaky gut, health usually returns to the body!”

Don Colbert, MD, was a board-certified family practice doctor for more than twenty-five years in Orlando, Florida, and most recently in Dallas, Texas. He is also board certified in antiaging medicine through the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine and has received extensive training in nutritional and preventative medicine. He is the author of three New York Times best-selling books, including “Let Food Be Your Medicine,” “The Seven Pillars of Health” and “Dr. Colbert’s ‘I Can Do This’ Diet” along with best sellers “Toxic Relief,” the Bible Cure series, “Living in Divine Health,” and “Stress Less.” He has sold more than ten million books and treated more than fifty thousand patients in his years of practicing medicine.

Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone” is published by Siloam, an imprint of Charisma House.


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