Born to Give by David Grant

How does God get the Word out to a lost and dying world?

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This book will inspire you to see yourself as a tool for God’s kingdom. God has a ministry for everyone, and He will use what you make available to Him.

Inspiring both laughter and tears, Born to Give is a refreshingly real story that will lead readers to place their lives and resources in God’s miracle-working hands and engage with Him to bring hope in a broken, unjust world.

David Grant tells his own fascinating story, of a young boy who gave God his life in an offering pan at the invitation of a legendary preacher and later became a missionary to the nations, ministering throughout Southern Asia, Europe and Asia Pacific and to victims of sexual slavery. It’s an honest story of the humanity of great women and men of God who serve God courageously but face the challenges of being fully human at the same time. This book will inspire you to:

  • Experience hope and healing
  • See God’s hand on your life even through the very tough times  
  • Give your life and resources to the One who multiplies and performs miracles

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