Come Out From Among Them by Todd Coconato

If God’s chosen people were meant to be set apart, then why are we staying trapped by the world?

After reading this book, you will have the boldness and the integrity to make an impact for the Kingdom of Heaven by tearing down the dark deceptions of the enemy that are plaguing our culture today.

In 2021, evangelist Todd Coconato had an angelic visitation that rocked him to the core. The angelic messenger told him two things: “Come out from among them,” and, “Be consecrated.” For the next year, Coconato sought God to understand the message for himself and the body of Christ.

In Come Out From Among Them, Coconato shares what he believes God is calling the body of Christ to in this season: to come out of the Babylon system and truly be set apart, not participating in the wickedness of this hour or listening to the modern-day prophets of Baal—the “fake news” media! This is a time of great shaking and awakening, and the church can no longer be a silent majority. This is a time for action.  

In this book, Coconato shows God’s remnant warriors how to:

  • Truly be set apart;
  • Refuse to conform to the wickedness of this hour; and
  • Take back the culture for the kingdom of God.



Todd Coconato is an ordained minister and a national evangelist who is fervently praying and believing for a spiritual awakening in the United States and beyond. He speaks at conferences, churches, and faith-based events throughout the nation, and was a member of the Trump campaign’s faith-based team. In addition to leading Todd Coconato Ministries, he is the president of the Religious Liberties Coalition, a nonprofit national coalition of pastors and ministry leaders; founder of Remnant News, a Christian News publication; and host of the radio show The Todd Coconato Show—The Remnant. Coconato lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and child.