Designed to Heal by Ben Rall

There’s no greater healing than the one God designed you to have.

After reading this book, you will have the understanding of what healing really is, who it is meant for and why you can trust that God created you to live a whole, full, and healed life.

God still heals—and we are divinely designed to heal. The Scriptures address healing from the beginning to the end! God created us with divine purpose and continues to provide everything we need for health and wholeness. However, the enemy desires to destroy this truth. Using fear, lies, and propaganda, Satan attempts to trick us into believe we are not designed to heal.

In Designed To Heal, Dr. Ben Rall refutes these lies and provides daily inspiration, revelation, and action steps that will guide and encourage readers along their healing and wellness journey.  Readers will discover:

  • What the Bible has to say regarding wellness
  • Amazing and encouraging facts and statistics about healing  
  • Daily action steps and questions for deeper reflection
  • Testimonials from patients who have experienced health victories 

God designed our bodies to heal. With all the confusion surrounding health, this book offers readers insight and real-world action steps to break free of fear and discouragement and improve their health today!


About the Author

Ben Rall, DC, is a wellness-based chiropractor who has taught tens of thousands of people over the last twenty years about the healing power of Jesus Christ. He has traveled the globe teaching and preaching about health and wellness from a biblical perspective. He attends Nations Church in Orlando, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Megan, and their children, Grace and Jack, and operates Achieve Wellness. He is the author of Cooperative Wellness and hosts a weekly podcast called Designed to Heal.