Jonathan Cahn of ‘The Harbinger II: The Return’ Shares a Stunning Revelation: ‘Mystery of the Tower’ Was a Warning to U.S.

Bestselling Author of Powerful Narratives Discloses the New Urgency of Biblical Prophecy

NEW YORK — Jonathan Cahn is known worldwide for his latest book, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” as well as for his earlier accounts of biblical prophecy and power—several of which have appeared simultaneously on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Bestsellers list, as well as on other prominent bestseller lists.

Cahn is deeply concerned for our country’s future—and sounds new alarms for the days ahead. In his original “The Harbinger,” he posed the perilous question: Is America about to face judgment at a time of great “shakings”? Now, his sequel, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” provides prophetic, biblical answers to these and other worries at a time when Americans—struggling to overcome a dangerous pandemic, economic turmoil, political strife, and civil unrest—seek, above all, calm, well-being, security, and stability.

Cahn originally wrote about the ancient harbingers of coming judgment. As detailed in the original “The Harbinger,”the first warning sign was that an enemy would strike us on our own land. That terror, of course, occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. The book goes on to reveal the other harbingers that occurred after that.  

Yet “The Harbinger II: The Return shows that the mystery that began on 9/11 has not stopped—it’s only continued to manifest itself today. The book uncovers answers to the questions scores of people are asking: Is the ancient mystery of the harbinger behind the pandemic? Is it connected to our economic collapse, to the disorder all around us? Are the current “shakings” a sign? Is America running out of time?

During a recent interview on “The Jim Bakker Show,” Cahn shed more light on the biblical signs that are playing out in front of our eyes—and how they’re connected to the mystery of the towers.

“In Hebrew, the word for tower is migdol, which comes from the root word gadal. It means to become great, to increase, to be enlarged,” Cahn explained. “It also means pride. In the ancient world, civilizations built towers to show how great they were, and those towers would be a symbol of the kingdom itself—the Tower of Babel, for example. There’s a connection between towers and being the greatest.”

Drawing a parallel to modern times, Cahn said that as America rose to greatness as a global power, it began building the greatest towers in the world, such as the Empire State Building. Those towers represented the nation itself. “Later, we built the World Trade Center,” he said, “but that was actually at a time when America was going away from God. And here’s where it gets interesting, because in the Bible, towers are linked not only to greatness and pride—but to judgment.” 

Among the many biblical proofs that at a time of judgment, a nation’s towers would come crashing down, Cahn cited Isaiah 2:12: “For the day of the Lord of hosts shall come upon everything proud and lofty, upon everything lifted up—and it shall be brought low.” He also cited Ezekiel 26:4: “On the day of a nation’s judgment, her enemies shall break down her towers.”

Cahn continued, “We saw that on 9/11. The sign of the tower—representing America’s greatness and preeminence in the world—came crashing down. God is saying that He built us up. America became this great tower of a kingdom, of a civilization, but we could only do that with God. If we turn away from Him, we turn away from the foundation on which we stand. This is why 9/11 was not only an event and a tragedy, it was also a foreshadowing of what will come. We must repent and return to God so that America itself will not come crumbling down to the ground.” The new book reveals all of this.

With the release of “The Harbinger II: The Return in September 2020, thousands of new fans have embraced Jonathan Cahn’s compelling messages and prophecies. His new book, available for purchase online and everywhere, made the Amazon Bestsellers Top Ten lists of all books in the world and took three of the top ten spots on Amazon’s Christian Books for print, Kindle, and audio—each charting as a Top Ten Bestseller, including #1 Christian Prophecy and #1 Christian Prophecies. “The Harbinger II” also catapulted Cahn’s earlier books back onto bestseller lists, including “The Oracle,” “The Paradigm,” and “The Harbinger.”

The author has made multiple media appearances, including on CBN’s “700 Club,” TBN’s “Praise,” and “Family Talk” with Dr. James Dobson. Cahn is continuing to do TV and radio interviews.

Jonathan Cahn’s first book, “The Harbinger,” became an instant New York Times bestseller when it was published in 2012. His next four books were also New York Times bestsellers: “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” “The Book of Mysteries,” “The Paradigm,” and “The Oracle.” Along with Billy Graham and Keith Greene, Cahn was named one of the top 40 spiritual leaders of the past 40 years who has radically impacted the world.

Called the prophetic voice of this generation, Cahn has spoken on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, and to millions around the world. Cahn is known for opening the deep mysteries of Scripture and bringing forth messages of prophetic import. He leads Hope of the World ministry, an international outreach of teaching, evangelism, and compassion projects for the world’s neediest. He also leads the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center made up of Jews and Gentiles, and people of all backgrounds, outside New York City in Wayne, New Jersey. His ministry can be contacted at and on Jonathan Cahn Facebook.

For more information about “The Harbinger II,” visit“The Harbinger II: The Return” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House.


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