Jonathan Cahn of ‘The Harbinger II: The Return’ Unveils Prophetic (and Shocking) Messages About America’s Future

Bestselling Author Answers the Question: ‘What Will Become of Our Nation?’

NEW YORK — Jonathan Cahn is known worldwide for his newest book, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” as well as for his earlier powerful accounts of biblical prophecy—several of which have appeared simultaneously on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) Bestsellers list, as well as on other prominent bestseller lists.

Cahn shares profound concerns about America’s future. In the original book, “The Harbinger,” he posed the ominous question: “Is America about to face judgment at a time of great ‘shakings’”? His sequel, “The Harbinger II: The Return,” unleashes the prophetic answers to this and other uncertainties at a time when Americans of all walks of life—struggling to overcome the coronavirus, plus deal with economic turmoil, political tensions, racial concerns, and civil upset—seek safety, security, and certainty.

Cahn originally disclosed the ancient harbingers of coming judgment in a narrative of lasting power. In “The Harbinger,”he explained that the first warning sign was an enemy strike on our land—which occurred, tragically, on Sept. 11, 2001. The book went on to divulge additional harbingers of judgment.

Now, “The Harbinger II: The Return shows that the mystery begun on 9/11 is still manifesting itself today. The next part of the mystery involves the nation’s dramatic departure from God.  In this too, America is following the judgment template of ancient Israel. In the ancient template, after a window of time, a period of years, is given to the nation to return to God, great shakings come upon the land.  Thus,pressing questions remain: Is the ancient mystery of national judgment coming true today? Is it behind the “shakings” that have so firmly gripped America?

Cahn says that after his first book, he knew there would be more to reveal. “For over eight years, I held back from sharing things that began with The Harbinger that I couldn’t yet tell,” say Cahn. “It was only the beginning. I couldn’t write my new book until the Lord said this was the time.”

Midway through 2019, Cahn says he was praying about what book to write next—and that’s when God gave him the go-ahead to create“The Harbinger II: The Return.”

The author explains that he knew 2020 would be a year of great “shaking.”“I shared publicly at the start of last year that 2020 would be a year of dark events. It would be the resuming of the mystery of The Harbinger. I knew I was to write the sequel to warn those who would hear,” he adds. “It’s truly for such a time as this.”

He began writing the new book in early January, 2020—and right after that, COVID struck the nation with swift and startling force. Says Cahn of his latest book, “It opens up a prophetic revelation of America’s future, and it has to do with the lives of every single one of us—it has to do with your life and your future,” he emphasizes directly to readers. “And there are mysteries yet to come.”

With the release of “The Harbinger II: The Return in September 2020, thousands of new fans have embraced Jonathan Cahn’s compelling messages and prophecies. His latest book, available for purchase online and everywhere, made the Amazon Bestsellers Top Ten lists of all books in the world and took three of the top ten spots on Amazon’s Christian Books for print, Kindle, and audio—each charting as a Top Ten Bestseller, including #1 Christian Prophecy and #1 Christian Prophecies. “The Harbinger II” also catapulted Cahn’s earlier books back onto bestseller lists, including “The Oracle,” “The Paradigm,” and “The Harbinger.”

The author has made multiple media appearances, including on CBN’s “700 Club,” TBN’s “Praise,” and “Family Talk” with Dr. James Dobson. Cahn is continuing to do TV and radio interviews.

Jonathan Cahn’s first book, “The Harbinger,” became an instant New York Times bestseller when it was published in 2012. His next four books were also New York Times bestsellers: “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” “The Book of Mysteries,” “The Paradigm,” and “The Oracle.” Along with Billy Graham and Keith Greene, Cahn was named one of the top 40 spiritual leaders of the past 40 years who has radically impacted the world.

Called the prophetic voice of this generation, Cahn has spoken on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, and to millions around the world. Cahn is known for opening the deep mysteries of Scripture and bringing forth messages of prophetic import. He leads Hope of the World ministry, an international outreach of teaching, evangelism, and compassion projects for the world’s neediest. He also leads the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center made up of Jews and Gentiles, and people of all backgrounds, outside New York City in Wayne, New Jersey. His ministry can be contacted at and on Jonathan Cahn Facebook.

For more information about “The Harbinger II,” visit“The Harbinger II: The Return” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House.


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