Lessons From a Wandering Prophet by Hubie Synn


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What happens when God’s plans and your prophetic journey intersect?

This book will help you grow in your prophetic gifts so that you can discover the plans that God has for you and move forward in your purpose.

God has a plan and a future for each of us, but many people don’t know what that plan is, and if they do, they don’t know how to walk in it. Hubie Synn knows the feeling. Step by step, one adventure at a time, Synn has been discovering and growing in the prophetic gift God has given him—a gift that has taken him before celebrities, politicians, and power brokers, and even around the world.

In Lessons From a Wandering Prophet, Synn shares the highs and lows he has experienced in ministry to teach principles of prophetic ministry:

         •     How to discern when God is speaking
         •     How to step out to say what God has given you to say
         •     How to grow in the prophetic
         •     What to do when a prophecy is not well-received
         •     How to let go and let God lead you

This book will inspire readers to receive with open hands and hearts the prophetic gifts God has given them, discover the plans God has for them, and walk fully in their calling.