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Prayer That Changes Everything

From New York Times best-selling coauthor of The Seven Pillars of Health. A Revived Faith Starts With A Revived Prayer Life

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What if your communication with God became as vibrant as the interaction between you and your best friend? 

What if God literally responded to your praise, your worship, and your requests? This is absolutely God’s will for your prayer life!

In Prayer That Changes Everything, Mary Colbert unpacks five principles to revolutionize readers’ faith and help them experience the full dimension of the relationship they can have with God through prayer.

Mary Colbert is the New York Times best-selling coauthor, with her husband, Don Colbert, MD, of The Seven Pillars of Health; author of 13 Women You Should Never Marry: And How Every Man Can Recognize Them; and coauthor of The Trump Prophecies, which was made into a feature film. Having attended Oral Roberts University and Rhema Bible Training College, she is an ordained minister, a former member of Oral Roberts University’s Board of Regents, and a current member of President Trump’s evangelical advisory board along with her husband. She is also the founder of Nation Builders, a national prayer line dedicated to praying for the United States and for the wisdom of God.