Reclaim the rainbow! ‘The rainbow belongs to God and God alone’; Rabbi Kirt Schneider urges Christians to stand firm on the truth of the Gospel

‘Do not let the LGBTQ community steal what is God’s. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women of faith to do nothing’

COLUMBUS, Ohio  The LGBTQ “pride” flag has been a rainbow for 45 years, but the rainbow has been a symbol for God for millennia. As God’s promise of forgiveness and redemption from the books of Genesis and Revelation, the rainbow is meant to signify God’s covenant with His people, but has been hijacked by the LGBTQ community, according to acclaimed author and evangelist Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider, who has multi-millions of followers across the globe.

Schneider recently launched a movement to take back the rainbow on a YouTube livestream on Monday, March 13. In the livestream, Rabbi Schneider analyzed the biblical meaning and symbolism of the rainbow.

“When Ezekiel saw the glory of the Lord in the book of Ezekiel, he said that the glory of the Lord was like a rainbow,” said Schneider. “In the book of Revelation, John saw the Lord sitting on his throne surrounded by a rainbow. The rainbow has been a sign of God’s glory for centuries, but in today’s modern world, God’s people are afraid to be associated with the rainbow because the LGBTQ community has hijacked it as their own symbol.

“Gender fluidity and non-biblical views of human sexuality are the most pressing social issues in the world today. The rainbow belongs to God and God alone, and we as His children must stand up and reclaim the rainbow for the glory of God and for the protections of our family, our children, and our nation. There has not been a consolidated movement within the body of Christ to oppose the unrighteousness happening within the LGBTQ community and the hijacking of the rainbow, the sacred symbol that was put in the sky all the way back in the book of Genesis — and the time is now.”

Schneider continued, “Many people call themselves believers in Jesus yet have sided with the LGBTQ movement because of their human compassion. By condoning this sin, they’ve actually placed themselves in opposition to the full revelation of God’s Word, which teaches from the very beginning that homosexuality is not God’s design. Despite how much sympathy, compassion, care and concern we might have for those that are living in same-sex relationships, we cannot allow our human emotion to carry us away from the truth of God’s word.

“To those who are trapped in same-sex attractions, Jesus loves you. I love you. No one is judging you. But there is a difference between loving you and accepting an agenda and lifestyle that is not of God and contrary to the order of creation.

“We as God’s people need to rise up and take the rainbow back. We should not shy away from wearing rainbow clothing or decorating with the rainbow. There is a rainbow around God’s throne. Do not let the LGBTQ community steal what is God’s and force their agenda on us and our nation. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women of faith to do nothing.”

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Rabbi Schneider has long been deciphering biblical text and identifying the Messianic prophecies found throughout Scripture. His latest book, Messianic Prophecy Revealed, takes readers on a journey through the Word of God, showing them how the New Testament writers took passages out of the Old Testament to prove that Jesus truly is the Messiah. 

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After a startling vision of Christ led to his salvation in 1978, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider dedicated his life to a passionate pursuit of Messiah Jesus and being used by God for His purpose. His experience in both personal spiritual warfare and ministry has equipped him to bring to God’s Church deep insight into how to gain power over the realm of darkness and live-in victory.

Today Rabbi Schneider hosts the impactful television program, Discovering The Jewish Jesus, which is available in more than one hundred million homes in the United States and nearly two hundred nations worldwide. In 2020, he began broadcasting on radio and now airs across America. Rabbi Schneider imparts revelation of Jesus’ Jewish heritage and His fulfillment of Messianic prophecy. Questions of how the Old and New Testaments tie together, and how Yeshua completes the unfolding plan of The Almighty Yahweh, are answered with exceptional clarity.

Rabbi Schneider has authored several books, including “Called to Breakthrough,” “Do Not Be Afraid,” “Self-Deliverance,” “The Lion of Judah,” “Rivers of Revelation,” “The Mystery of Dreams,” and “Rivers of Divine Truth.” He has been featured in The Jerusalem Post and is a frequent guest on national TV programs, including The 700 Club, Daystar’s Marcus and Joni, and Mornings with Maria on Fox Business Network.


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