From the senior pastor of Bethany Church, Jesus did not die just so you can go to church on Sunday.

Jesus did not die just so you can go to church on Sunday.

From the best-selling author of Total Forgiveness

It’s time to rethink how you approach the Christian experience.

What if you could unlock God’s ancient secret of blessing with a prayer?

If you don’t have joy, you won’t have the strength to overcome.

A unique book about finding joy in the midst of devastating events, including those happening in America and around the world.

Discover who God made you to be.

Once you do, you’ll never want to be anyone else.

The eight sessions of the study can be used side-by-side with Born for Significance to dive into a deeper understanding of the book’s message.

What if the presence of God became so real in people’s hearts that it revived the church and ushered in the next Jesus Movement?

Where you go starts with your recognition of who you are in Christ.

How do you fight and resist something you can’t see?

From the Best Selling Author of Prayers that Rout Demons

Victory over every obstacle is within reach, don’t settle for anything less.