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This book will guide you to pray biblically founded prayers so that you can have a meaningful relationship with God, fix your heart on His plan and purposes, and experience answers to your prayers.

This book will guide you through the challenges and blessings of receiving God’s anointing so that you can use greater wisdom and discernment of how to properly use a double portion of anointing.

This book will help you grow in your prophetic gifts so that you can discover the plans that God has for you and move forward in your purpose.

This book is going to help you understand shame as the root spirit that the enemy has unleased to control, dominate, manipulate, and demoralize God’s people. No longer will you be bound to the enemy’s tactics as you begin to set your eyes on the things that Jesus cares most deeply about.

This book will teach you how to go deeper in your relationship with God so that you may become a more fully developed disciple of Jesus to help bring the gospel to the world around you.