Superbook Storybooks

These storybooks bring Bible stories to life using the same beautiful artwork from the classic Superbook series which received three Daytime Emmy nominations. Each book features engaging, age-specific content that coordinates with Superbook DVD stories. Children can learn God’s Word and be introduced to the Superbook series for the first time.

CBN’s Superbook team is made up of Emmy-winning artists and storytellers, whose credits include Mulan, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. Together they are collaborating to completely reimagine the classic Superbook series using CGI technology.  The new Superbook honors the life-changing legacy of the classic series and introduces the stories of the Bible to a new generation.  The Christian Broadcasting Network is a global Christian ministry headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus through television programming, Internet programming/resources, medical missions, humanitarian outreaches, and family resources including Superbook.

Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and their robot friend, Gizmo, to meet Joseph, who is sold into slavery by his brothers, then rises from prisoner to governor of Egypt. The children learn to trust God’s plans instead of their own.

Joy organizes a craft fair to raise money for a food pantry—but there’s not much to sell. How can a few things possibly be enough?

Prepare for adventure as Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and their robot friend, Gizmo, to meet the prophet Samuel. He answers God’s call as a child, then grows up to become Israel’s leader.

Superbook intercedes and whisks the kids back to the days of Jacob and Esau. The two brothers compete over many things, but when Esau gives up his birthright and Jacob tricks his father out of a blessing, they become estranged for many years thereafter. 

Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and their robot friend, Gizmo, to meet Jesus as He cures three blind people. The children learn that Jesus opens the eyes of people who are spiritually and physically blind.

Join Chris, his friend Joy, and his robot, Gizmo, as Superbook takes them to ancient Bethlehem. They meet a young widow named Ruth who gives up her family and her homeland to serve her mother-in-law, Naomi.

Get ready for heart-pounding excitement as Superbook whisks Chris, Joy, and Gizmo back to ancient Babylon.

Witness the importance of caring for others, and discover how everyone is our neighbor.

Children will learn that the power to perform true miracles comes only from God.

Children will learn that God will always help you stand up for what is right.

Children will learn that yielding to temptation can cause disastrous consequences, but God is loving and forgiving, and He has a wonderful plan for the future.

Superbook transports Chris, his neighbor Joy, and their robot friend, Gizmo, to the Sinai Desert, where they meet Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites

Children will witness how a young man goes on a quest for freedom and adventure only to discover that what he wants most in the world is his father’s love.

 Children will witness true courage in action and discover how faith in God gives us the power to do what is right. 

 Children will experience a terrible storm, encounter a gigantic fish, and discover how God wants to show mercy to everyone.

An unforgettable journey as Superbook takes kids back in time for an encounter with Jesus’ mother, Mary, during the time of her son’s crucifixion.

Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark are saved from the worldwide flood. Children learn that in troubled times, God will care for those who trust Him.

Superbook takes our heroes on a first-hand adventure to experience Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

Superbook takes our heroes to the frontline of battle when David meets the giant Goliath.

Superbook takes our heroes on a journey through time to discover the true meaning of Christmas