Author Stephen E. Strang Boldly Tells the Tale of How ‘Cancel Culture’ Blocked COVID Cures: ‘Leftists Have Tried to Use the Pandemic to Control People’

Bestselling Author Known for Books About Donald J. Trump Releases His New Book, ‘God and Cancel Culture,’ on Sept. 7. 2021

ORLANDO, Fla. — Stephen E. Strangaward-winning journalist, bestselling author, and founder of Charisma Media, boldly dares to go where few other authors ever will—and he does so fueled by faith and the courage to say what needs to be said. In his new book, “God and Cancel Culture: Stand Strong Before It’s Too Late,” releasing Sept. 7, 2021, Strang paints a portrait of today’s cancel culture through provocative interviews and keen analyses. He shows how leftists have used the “cancellation” of those they disagree with to block the free flow of important medical information to millions of Americans—potentially risking lives in today’s pandemic.

“Even personal health is not off-limits to cancel culture,” says Strang, a widely read author and Christian businessman who wrote “God and Donald Trump” (2017), along with other books. “COVID-19 became a political bludgeon even before it led to mass lockdowns. Leftists tried to use the pandemic—as they try to use everything—as a means to control people. Uncertainty and fear were, and are, the foundations of their power.”

Strang knows of what he speaks: He himself battled the coronavirus—and details that journey forthrightly.

Strang says further of “God and Cancel Culture,” “I spoke to Dr. Stella Immanuel of America’s Frontline Doctors, and she shared with me—as I share in this new book—the medical truth about hydroxychloroquine for the prevention and treatment of COVID. Tracing her shocking story, I show how Big Tech did everything it could to prevent key information from reaching the public. I also tell of Dr. Immanuel’s deep belief in God’s redemptive powers—and how these beliefs helped embolden her to speak out against today’s opposing forces, despite ‘cancellation,’ de-platforming, vicious attacks, negative news stories, and so much more.”

Adds Strang urgently, “We Christians must not lose heart. We must believe God for a great awakening.”

Featuring exclusive insights from a cross section of leaders, Strang’s“God and Cancel Culture” also:

  • documents what is happening to many conservatives across the country right now;
  • shares effective ways that believers can respond; and
  • helps readers understand that no matter how bad things may seem, God always comes through.

Notes Strang, “We are called according to His purpose. The Kingdom of God always overcomes cancellation.”

“God and Cancel Culture” will help Christians realize the seriousness of the battle before them and illuminate the present circumstance for the purpose of doing good—to bring hope. It will document what is happening in the country, how believers can respond, and why they can look expectantly to the future.

Stephen E. Strang is the best-selling author of “God and Donald Trump.” The founder and CEO of Charisma Media, Strang was voted by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential Evangelicals in America. He has interviewed four U.S. presidents and has been featured on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBN, Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, and, and in many Christian outlets.

“God and Cancel Culture” is published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, which has published books that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip Christians, including 15 New York Times best-sellers.

The book will be available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats. It can be pre-ordered at


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