President of Total Life Coach, Founder of Women of Influence, and Senior Pastor of Influence Church, Tammy Hotsenpiller, Shares How to Unlock the Power of Fasting for Miraculous Breakthroughs in New Book

Lake Mary, Fla. – Do Christians believe miracles still exist today? Do they believe they can actually experience a miracle? Many believers practice biblical fasting as a way to have God answer their prayers, but do they realize that fasting can actually bring about miraculous breakthroughs?

President of Total Life Coach, Founder of Women of Influence, and Senior Pastor of Influence Church, Tammy Hotsenpiller, bases her new book,Fasting for Miracles: A 21-Day Journey to Seeing Faith Become Reality (Charisma House, ISBN-13: 978-1-63641-174-3),on the Scripture verse Mark 9:29 that says some things only happen through prayer and fasting. The certified personal life coach and pastor takes readers step-by-step through the power and discipline of fasting and teaches them how fasting will help exercise their faith to see breakthroughs and miracles.

“There’s so much power in the name of God and breakthrough in fasting with God. It has been such a benefit in my spiritual walk to learn the names of God and embrace His attributes,” says Tammy. Watch her full message about her new book here.

Though there are over 150 miracles in the Bible, for the purpose of this book, Tammy focuses on miracles that illuminate the relationship between miracles and fasting. “When Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days he fasted for His breakthrough and His miracle,” she writes. “Moses—when he went up on Mount Sinai, he fasted for forty days for his breakthrough. Esther, Nehemiah, Ezra, they all fasted for their breakthrough, for their miracle.” Her examples illustrate how some of the greatest figures of the Bible all experienced their breakthroughs after they spent time fasting. 

As readers walk through their fast using this three-week program, they will gain a biblical understanding of the power of fasting and be stirred to raise their level of expectation and believe God to do the miraculous in their lives. Tammy shares how fasting is one of the most essential ways for Christians to experience the power of God, cut through their circumstances, and turn things around for their good. “This is how it is when we’re walking with God,” she writes. “The fires of life often prove to be the testing ground for our miracle.”

The study is in three weekly sections: the Miracles in the Lives of Moses, Joshua, and Hannah, Miracles in the Lives of Elijah and Elisha, and Miracles in the Lives of Jesus and His Disciples. Daily sessions focus on two passages in scripture. First, there is a ‘mediation on a miracle’ passage that helps readers understand that God still performs miracles in our lives today, followed by a ‘fasting’ passage that demonstrates how God uses fasting to bring about our miracles. Each day also includes a reflection, prayer, and journaling prompt to help readers apply what they are learning.

According to Tammy, accountability and partnership are the best ways to stay motivated and complete a fast. Her availability as a personal fasting coach each morning during the program by way of daily video episodes and access to the Influence Church prayer team provide an invaluable resource for guidance and encouragement along the 21-day journey. Tammy and Charisma House have also launched a companion YouVersion plan, “How To Fast For Your Miracle,” which introduces the discipline of Biblical fasting in preparation for the coming book release.

Tammy’s hope is that this practical resource will help readers gain a Biblical understanding of what fasting is for so they can experience the power of God’s supernatural touch and a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit during their fast. “I cannot stress strongly enough that the basis of this book is not human achievement, human willpower, or human fortitude but the goodness of God, which shows us that we can let go of all the things we hold on to and trust Him fully,” she writes. “That is why fasting is such a powerful practice—it is a way of letting go and fully embracing a God who loves us completely!”

Alongside the launch of this book, Tammy is inviting churches and individuals to join her for the corporate Fasting For Miracles campaign and take the 21-day journey starting on January 21st, 2023. To find out more about the Fasting For Miracles corporate fast, visit

To find out more about the book, Fasting For Miracles, or to download a free chapter, visit or

Fasting For Miracles, published by Charisma House, releases on December 20, 2022, and is available online at and wherever Christian books are sold.

Tammy Hotsenpiller is an author, speaker, life coach, and leader of a national women’s movement. She has a passion for equipping others to embrace their natural abilities, personal passions, and spiritual gifts. She is the president of Total Life Coach, LLC, and the founder and executive director of Women of Influence. Hotsenpiller and her husband, Phil, are the cofounders of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, California. They live in Orange County and are blessed with three children who have equally incredible spouses and seven grandchildren.


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