The Mystery of Dreams

God Speaks to You Not Only Through HIS Word, But Through Your Dreams Too.

This book will help you understand how God speaks to you through your dreams so that you can receive direction, encouragement, and revelation.

Scripture confirms that one of the primary ways God speaks to His people is through dreams. In this remarkable book Rabbi Schneider, a Jewish believer in Jesus, shows through personal examples from his own life, as well as biblical examples, how the Lord is still speaking to His people today through their dreams. 
Rabbi Schneider demonstrates how we can do the following:

  • Receive direction
  • Be encouraged
  • Receive revelation
  • Be warned
  • Be prepared for what we’re about to face in our future
  • Be launched into our destinies by paying attention to how the Spirit is speaking to us through our dreams at night

You will also learn how to record and interpret your dreams in this important and exciting resource.


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