You Might Be a Pharisee If. . . by R. T. Kendall

From the best-selling author of Total Forgiveness: We all have a little bit of Pharisaism in us.

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This book will help you recognize the signs of pharisaism—that is, legalism and self-righteousness—in your own heart and know the steps to avoid this sin.

Pharisaism is one of the sins that angered Jesus the most. Yet we are often in bondage to it without realizing it. How can we recognize the warning signs in our own hearts and lives and be set free?

Do you consider yourself a better Christian than others? Do you enjoy pointing out others’ faults while ignoring your own? Do you fail to practice what you preach? If so, you might be a Pharisee—a modern-day version of the religious leaders in Jesus’ day whom He condemned for their legalism and self-righteousness. It’s time to take a hard look at your attitudes and behavior and allow the Holy Spirit to set you free.

You will learn the following:
• Twenty-five signs that indicate you might be a Pharisee
• Why the sin of pharisaism angered Jesus
• The opposite character trait Jesus modeled
• Steps to take to rid pharisaism from your heart and mind

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