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Dr. Youssef: Failing to Adhere to Biblical Truth Will Be Devastating to Future Generations

In Newest Book, “Hope for This Present Crisis,” Bestselling Author Dr. Michael Youssef Says ‘Wokeness is a Religion Without Grace or Mercy’ ATLANTA — According to Dr. Michael Youssef, if the Church fails to adhere to biblical truth, the consequences of wokeness will be devastating for future generations. The bestselling  author compares child-rearing to a “three-legged stool,” stressing the importance of a healthy home, …

The Magic of Fiber: Dr. Don Colbert Explains How This Power Tool Leads to Optimum Gut Health

In His Latest Book, ‘Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone,’ Dr. Colbert SaysThat Most People Need More Fiber DALLAS — Arecent study concluded that increasing fiber in one’s diet improves health. The results of this study would not surprise Dr. Don Colbert, who, in his newest book, “Dr. Colbert’s Healthy Gut Zone” (DrColbertBooks), writes that if adults work to restore their gut health with fiber …

In “Hope for This Present Crisis,” Bestselling Author Dr. Michael Youssef Seeks to Reform Our Society

Dr. Youssef Tackles the Modern-Day Problem of Militant and Misguided Social Justice Activism ATLANTA — In his new book, “Hope for This Present Crisis,” Dr. Michael Youssef tackles the modern-day problem of people who engage in militant and misdirected social justice activism. Dr. Youssef explains, “These people act as ‘warriors’ who consider themselves enlightened or ‘woke’ and who believe it is their duty to …


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